why green?

We believe in leaving as small a footprint on the planet as we can. Environmental concerns are an increasingly important part of graphic design today.

We embrace the need for sustainable practices both in print and online. The sustainable practices in the manufacturing process for paper production and print has become of a very high standard including initiatives by the Forest Stewardship Council implementing standards for sustainable forest management.

Unfortunately, online services providers are not as progressive. At present we are formulating a carbon offset strategy for our internet hosting services including data centre carbon offsets. We will keep you posted on this!

our environmental policy

We aim to follow the Government's Environment and Greener Living policy frameworks for recycling and waste management.

Whilst conforming to all existing environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice, we regard these as setting the minimum standards of performance and will strive to do more.

ADG is committed to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment by means of a program of continuous improvement.

Where ever possible, offer our clients assistance with making their projects more sustainable by sourcing and incorporating Eco-friendly products in our design.

Our Internal Operations

ADG office operations are managed to minimize environmental impact where possible. Energy consumption and the use of consumables are monitored. We aim to minimize pollution and waste and to recycle wherever possible.

As part of our annual business review processes, our office operations are also reviewed so that we can continuously improve our environmental performance.

We believe that creating and maintaining a sustainable company will have a positive influence. Over the past 2 decades, we have actively pursued waste reduction and recycling.

Environmental Policy of Our Studio

  • Reduce energy use through by minimizing studio equipment and lighting
  • Reduce energy use of electrical applications, computers, monitors, office equipment and lighting by turning off if anticipated non-use is more than 5 minutes, where practicable
  • Recycle all studio equipment, waste, lighting
  • Reduce our use of products not absolutely necessary including plastics and other non-renewable
  • Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seeking substitutions when feasible, and taking all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored and disposed of
  • Consign waste for re-use where practicable
  • Use low carbon and organic products and services including cleaning products, buying bulk supplies to reduce packaging and transport emissions
  • Travel by public transport wherever practicable, thus minimizing the need for use of transport facilities.
  • Supply full and thorough information on our environmental policy to any interested parties
  • Integrate environmental concerns in our day to day decision making
  • Actively seek to make improvements in our environmental control

Environmental Policy Outside Our Studio

  • Require where applicable all of our paper suppliers to certify that paper/timber is from sustainable forest not from rain forest where practicable
  • Encourage our suppliers to implement environmentally sound policies and show preference to those suppliers so doing

Low Carbon Energy

We have install a 1.5 gigabyte Solar power system to produce 80% to 100% studio electricity usage. This figure varies according to power generated due to seasonal fluctuations and office usage.

  • Electricity generated and not used goes into grid thus supplying green power to grid
  • Any electricity purchased comes from green power (100% renewal sources)